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Asia Adventures & Holidays Sdn. Bhd., established in 26 August 2013, a company specialist in inbound operations. Handle travel arrangements for special groups, Incoming Customized Travel Arrangement for Company’s Travellers and Tours and Shore Excursions in delivering the best travel products and services to our valued clients.



Asia Adventures and Holidays Sdn. Bhd. – Company No: 1059540-V

Established in 26 August 2013, we always pick best location and accommodation that gives a real feel of the country your family is visiting. With heritage properties, unique, traditional buildings rich in cultural legacy, leisure in sea activities and family run authentic accommodation, options in East and West Malaysia come full of character. We take pride in providing services in

“Eat Well, Lived Well, Sleep Well, Happy, Peace of Mind, Rest assured”

We always serve you with our Passion, with vast experiences of Tour guides and Tour leader with impeccable interpersonal skills are conversant in various languages in which we believe are the important factors in enhancing our communications and relationship with our most-valued customers.

“The Asia Adventure & Holidays team has made the commitment to live and work with honesty and sincerity. We stand behind our word and honor any commitments we make. We are consistent in our decisions while recognizing that to be fair we must be flexible. We are ethical and respectful of ourselves and others.”

Our strategic goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and efficiency of the tourism sector in Malaysia (East and West Malaysia) through the optimal use of available natural and anthropogenic resources, in line with market requirements and consumer expectations for sustainable tourism development:

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